10 questions for a communication strategy in social media

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Socializing with others is getting more and more complicated in time. Technology has a huge play here and influences the way we commune with one another. According to some, social clubs are becoming obsolete and being replaced by online social media. In order to get a better understanding what social media is and how to approach it effectively, one needs to ask a number of important questions. Especially if you run a business and wish to go through the social media rather than attract your audience the old fashioned way. Through the answers and through diligent comparison, one can determine whether the social clubs should be no more and to be replaced by online counterparts. Social media is now essential to communicate effectively. However, it is important to conduct a thoughtful social media strategy. For this, a thorough analysis and regular is mandatory. Here are 10 questions to be asked about strategy of communication through social media.

In each social media, we can observe that most people do not really have a strategy. Unfortunately, it is not enough to create an account on a social network to achieve significant results. To communicate effectively through social media, it is essential to develop a strategy.

Once the Social Media strategy defined and implemented, it does not stop there. Internet is constantly evolving. Behavior, the needs of users and consumers as well. It is important to regularly review strategy and to ask the right questions to ensure the relevance of actions.

These 10 questions will help you first to ensure the effectiveness of your communication on social media. They also allow you to optimize the allocation of budgets. Your investment in Facebook may or may not be justified? What are the benefits? Conversely, you are investing very little in Twitter but returns are exceptional? Redistribution may be worth considering. Analyzing strategy is an opportunity to step back and draw the right conclusions.

Social Media Strategy and Organization

The Social Media communication is everyone’s business. It applies to all members of a structure. Here are 3 questions to ask:
The objectives of my Social Media communication they match my overall goals?

Keep in mind the fact that social media are just additional tools to achieve its goals: to develop its sales, gain market share, find a new job or just simply find new friends and have more or less meaningful social internet life.

It is important to identify targets for Social Media communication in connection with overall objectives. Want to win market share? For this you need to reach new targets! Social media can help you. Want to change your job? You must gain visibility! Social media can help you.

This question should help you determine how social media can help you in achieving your overall goal.


Contacting media communication affects all members of an organization, a business. Not only the marketing and communications department. Trade must be present on social media for prospecting, human resources for the employer brand.

Do I have a strategy for each player?

Social Media communication affects everyone, yes. But no matter how. You must ensure that each carries an appropriate strategy. Commercial they have a prospecting strategy? What is the strategy of human resources to develop the employer brand of the company on social media?

This question is to you to make sure that everyone in your organization understands the importance of its role in your Social Media communication and it adheres to the strategy assigned to it.

Social Media Strategy and Impact

Setting targets is good but it is important to measure advancements, to study the impact of your communication Social Media to optimize its strategy as necessary.
Did I determine performance indicators for each of my goals?

To measure the progress of a goal and the impact of your Social Media strategy, you need to determine points to analyze performance indicators (KPIs) that allow you to analyze the specific impact of your actions.
Do I have an accurate method to analyze my performance indicators?

It is not enough to determine performance indicators to effectively measure its communication strategy Social Media. It should also be analyzed appropriately. For this, you need to work dashboards, reportings, publish regularly. Once a day? A week or a month? To you to determine.

These two questions should allow you to list the points to be used to verify the relevance of your communication strategy Social Media. They confirm that you fully analyze your performance indicators and your reporting and summaries are sufficiently clear and precise to optimize your actions.

How do I stand compared to the competition?

social clubsMeasure the results of their actions does not mean they are good. They must be compared. Put them in touch with the market and competition: size of community, commitment rates, online reputation and others.

This question should allow you to better position yourself in the market, know your strengths but also your weaknesses. Then you will base your strategy on your strengths and will work points to reduce your weaknesses
Social Media communication strategy, how? Social Media Strategy and Resources

A good strategy is all about resources: budgets, manpower and tools. It is important to have the right resources to carry out its strategy and especially not to overstate its case.

My results are they up to my investments?

Now that you have analyzed the fallen of your actions, you need to compare your investments, measure your ROI (Return on Investment). This question is crucial. It will help you determine the proper use of your resources and you may suggest a new allocation.

This question should allow you to determine the most effective tools and reallocate your budget depending on the relevance of your actions.
My actions are compatible?

One of the most common mistakes in Social Media communication is to use all available levers. This is not the solution. Wanting to be present on all social networks, it disperses. We’re wasting time and especially money. It is better to have a large community and committed on a single media minimal on each platform

This question is to you to ensure that the different levers that you use are in harmony, that your tools are a fluid and relevant ecosystem.

Social Media and Audience Strategy
Do I know my target?

The question might seem silly. Ask yourself anyway, this is paramount. Know your target on the fingertips. Nothing should escape: as it consumes, how it navigates on the internet which platforms she attended, what are their needs, expectations and desires?

This question will help you determine the precise content to be posted on social media. We’re talking about Inbound Marketing.
In conclusion,
My actions are sufficient?

You have analyzed the impact of your actions, you are assured that you were up to your investments. But is that enough? Internet goes fast, the competition also. Do not sit on your laurels. You can always do more, anticipating the reactions of your competition and changes in behavior. A communication strategy Social Media is also a constant questioning. Additionally, make sure you think long and hard about still keeping true to the old ways and go through social clubs to engage your potential target audience.

How can you increase the value of a mobile home?

Unlike traditional homes, most mobile ones depreciate in value similar to how cars do and less like houses. To maintain and enhance the value of a mobile home, an owner of a mobile home should practice regular maintenance during the time he owns the house. Once it is ready for sale, there are many structural, aesthetic and functional repairs and improvements that can be done to increase the value, as well as tips and tricks that they can use to attract potential buyers. It is easy to determine repairs and improvements to be made when you remember a person interested in buying a mobile home is also interested in the home loan. That is, if it’s dangerous or unsightly repairs. Before starting to work to increase the value of a mobile home, consider making the property assessed. Depending on where you live, you can have access to real estate expertise of companies, and many of these companies focus on manufactured homes. You can also speak with a real estate agent who can provide you with a estimated selling price based on the current condition of your mobile home. The agent can also offer specific suggestions for improving the mobile home to increase the selling price. Once you make renovations to the mobile home, you may request an updated assessment., Structural problems and safety can reduce the value of a mobile home. If your mobile home has structural problems, fix them before trying to sell. It could mean the repair or replacement of a roof, pillar of the house, or windows.


inside of a mobile homeDepending on the age and condition of the mobile home, you might also need to replace or repair the floors, walls or ceiling. Consider hiring a professional to evaluate the mobile home plumbing and electrical systems, and repair or replace if necessary., It is a new coat of paint can increase the value of a mobile home may seem surprising, but it’s true. If inside the mobile home or outside needs a new paint job due to cracks, chips or color out-of-date, give him one. Other aesthetic features that can increase the value of a mobile home include new ceiling and flooring. For example, you may want to replace or repair ceiling tiles or lay new carpet. The new coatings you choose will depend on the room., Another way to remodel a mobile home and increase its value is to install the upgraded appliances.


The two most common pieces of potential buyers are closely watching the kitchen and bathroom. Visit the home improvement stores and Web sites to learn more about the new models or popular refrigerators, stoves, sinks and dishwashers. If your mobile home bathtub, shower, toilet and sink are outdated or in poor condition, consider replacing them. You can even watch the new washers and dryers if your mobile home has a laundry or utility room dedicated space., If you have time and money, you can increase the value of a mobile home in making a permanent structure. This means incorporating a solid foundation for the mobile home, rather than the typical mobile home accessories such as support beams and behind. You can also enlarge a mobile home to include additional parts and even add units to the outside of the property, such as a garage or storage building. Unless you have prior experience with these larger projects, it is best to hire a professional to complete., Also, do not underestimate the power of curb appeal. While it may not significantly increase the value of a mobile home in terms of selling price, it increases the value of the mind of a potential buyer. Also, a nice curb appeal helps attract more potential buyers. The increased attractiveness of a home can include simple measures like planting flowers or greenery in the yard, and measures more involved, such as repairing cracked sidewalks. A good rule to remember as you approach your improvements Curb Appeal is that the goal is to make the mobile home and the surrounding property more inviting.

Buying a used mobile home? 18 steps for what to watch for and how to do it correctly

If you are considering buying a used mobile home, there are things you need to look out for. Buying a mobile home is not like buying a regular stick building and certainly not like your average brick work. You need to know what to look for before you buy a used mobile home. Here are 10 things to look for when buying a used mobile home. These tips will guide you to make the right decision and / or how to negotiate in your best interest. Prevention is better than cure more often than not. My seven years of sales of used mobile homes taught me many things. I‘m passing on this information to you so you can make an informed choice.

1 Age. If your finances are tight, do not buy anything newer than 1977 It’s time to cut funding for good and also the year, a lender can determine if the used mobile home is a HUD home. To that end, lenders require a 20% down payment on a 1976 or newer. The term will be over 15 years and the rate will be around 11-12%. It’s a lot to pay. 1977 or later only requires 10% down, you can get 20 years of funding and the rate is 1-2% less. It’s a much better deal. If the home is newer, the rate may be as low as 8%. Better, look for a mobile home that is not more than 15 years old.

caravan park2 Park. All parks are approved by lenders. Before making an offer to purchase, obtain loan approved for this park. If space rent is too high or if there are too many foreclosures in the park, the lenders could say no to funding.

3 Self governing. Is it or is not it? Most parks are, but some are not. If it does not, make sure you understand what kind of yo annual increase in park assert yourself. You may not mind paying this additional increase per year, but each time the space rent is raised, the value of your mobile home will decrease. It’s like a car, depreciating. Still, it beats renting an apartment with people above, below, left and right.

4 Crime. The park has a safety program? crime rateIs the park patrolled regularly by a security company patrol? If not, you should probably stay away. Yes, it is true, all residents must follow the rules and regulations, but if there is no security, lots of things can happen. A patrol of security is a deterrent, crime will go elsewhere. Call the park manager and bring up the issue. You can also call the local police station to ask for a report on crime. Highly recommended.

5 Animals. What is the policy of the parks? 80 LDB your golden retriever can be a very difficult time for approval. Ditto for your pitt bull or any other so-called “vicious breed.” Most parks will not approve them. There is only one park in the Santa Clarita Valley that will approve a large dog or however. Recently, I had a dog trainer with good credit, a large down payment and a German shepherd. This dog was the most well-trained German shepherd but considered “vicious.” It is the dobermans, boxers, tongs, food and a couple more. Check with the park before watching any used (or new) mobile home. Save yourself time (and your agents) by first finding.

6 neighbors. Most people are nice. However, since you are going to live in cramped quarters (most mobile home spaces are small and set very closely), go talk to the neighbors. The two next door and a few doors further down. Most doors are some who will tell you what REALLY happens. Maybe the door next two or three do not agree any more. Perhaps there is an alcohol problem. Maybe the kids play too hard. You need to know. Drive through the night, hang around for a while. Do the same for the weekend. Spend an hour on a Saturday night, driving around the mobile home park, you will get a really good feel if it’s a place for you. If it is not, you will know well in advance and save yourself the troubles. 

7 Managers. Do they do a great job? Do they care? Do they make the residents follow the rules and regulations? Do they organize gatherings every now and then? Holiday dinners? Do they publish a newsletter to keep you informed? Do you feel welcome in their office? Most managers are very proud of their park and we are happy to try to help. Make sure this is the case.

8 Trash. An old toilet sitting after a car port? In knee against weeds? A car jacking and being developed in a carport? You do not want that. What you should want is a clean community, well maintained park where residents are proud of their mobile homes and maintain their own environment. A carport is not supposed to be used for storage (or backyard). A shed is where you keep your surplus property, period.

9 The value of mobile homes. Regular outfit? Going up? Declining? Ask your real estate agent to guide you through the changes that happened in recent years. Buy a used mobile home is very similar to buying a used car. A seller can put any price, but is it worth it? Please do not pay more. If you need to finance your used mobile home, then you are in a much safer position. You will be required to pay for an assessment to determine the real value of the mobile home. However, if you plan to buy a mobile home for money, be careful. No assessment is required, but I recommend you pay 400 pounds to the appraiser. It could save you thousands. The choice is yours.

10 Health and Safety. What is the state of the mobile home? The basics should all be there. If not, it is the responsibility of the vendors did. This includes;

A. Smoke alarms. Every room needs one, which is according to the regulations. And, it needs to work!

B. Water heater. Must be double strapping and not with these tiny strips of metal that has little ones in them. Is there a pressure relief valve? If more streams where does the hose go below? Should not. It must extend to the side of the plinth. The water heater closet fortified dry? Must be. All leaks?

C. Steps. Are they solid? No rips in the carpet (tripping hazard)? What about the ramp? Is it loose? Can not be. How far apart are the rails? Should not be more than 4 “so that a child does not end up stuck in between.

D. Cooling system. It works? It’s not really an issue of health and safety, but if it were me, I would insist on it or ask for a price reduction. Who wants to live in a used mobile home, perhaps with metal siding as well, and summer is coming and it is 105 degrees outside?

E. The oven. When was it last serviced and how dirty is the pad? Take a good look and make sure it works. Ask someone to come take a look.

F. All plumbing leaks? Should not have any present obviously. Run all faucets and look underneath.

G. Electric. Do all outlets and switches work? Make sure they do. GFI? You do not want the risk of being electrocuted. Both bathrooms and kitchen needs GFI plugs.

H. Roof. Any leaks? Look around carefully to see if there are water stains in the ceiling or around the upper walls. How old is the roof?

I. Earthquake bracing. Does he have it? Bring a flashlight and open the access door in the plinth. There should be (on a mobile home double wide), two in front and two in back. Compare them with regular batteries and cylinders. Are they tough? Bolted to the I beam? They should be. Curiously, there are still some used mobile homes out there that do not have them. On top of that, it is not considered a health and safety and it is perfectly legal to sell a used mobile home without them!

If you buy a used mobile home without bracing the earthquake and later decided that it was not the smartest idea, a contractor will charge about  5,000 GBP to install. Not cheap at all as you can see for yourself. If it did not, ask for a price reduction, then order the escrow company to set aside 5,000 GBP to the contractor. At the end of the engagement, your contractor to come out and install them for you. If you can not have it installed the day before the close of escrow even better. Because if you just took a price cut, you’ll be so busy and left on your purchase of your mobile home movement. You “forget” bracing and end up buying new furniture instead!

Ideally, you should hire an inspector from the Occupational Safety and Health who knows how to inspect a mobile home

Once you are approved park, it‘s time to plan your health and safety inspection. You are free to use any approved health and safety inspector for your inspection or I can recommend several to you. Beyond health and safety inspection, I highly recommend you have a look at the house electrician. Sometimes an inspector regularly hands can not really know what‘s going on. These inspections are not free, and depending on who it is, they all have a little different. When we will see the inspectors of your future home, please bring your check bock. After the inspection, the inspector will its findings with you.

It is now 24-48 hours after the health and safety inspection has taken place and now we want the report in our hands through the whole. It is the responsibility of the seller to cover the issues of health and safety, such as electricity, plumbing, roofing, smoke detectors, water heater strapping double and so on. Everything‘s just cosmetic, cosmetics and the seller does not have to do anything. However, you can always try to negotiate if you strongly feel that there is something you want the seller to do and of course I‘m here for you every step of the way.

Termites? Pesky little critters and they are usually EVERYWHERE! We definitely want to have the home inspected for that too. We will get a written report with a chart showing their conclusions. Whatever they find, which is classified as a Section I must be supported and hopefully the seller is willing to do so. If not, that’s on you. I have a very strong opinion regarding termites. That is, if I buy a house, why should I pay for someone else termite problem? I never lived there. I did not invite them. So why pay? On the other hand, if I’m home at a very good deal, I’d probably pay for it. It’s your decision and I hope we will not work for this problem if the seller willingly pay.

11 It‘s time to order your evaluation. An evaluation will be necessary if you are going to finance your purchase, the lender requires. This is an expense that can not be financed and you have to pay him in advance, either by answering the assessor to your future home or by just writing the check to the evaluator and let me take care for you.

12 Your loan terms. Once you have pre-approved, we submitted some documents to the lender. It could also be additional paperwork they require and whatever it is, now is the time for us to do so.

13 Your house has been assessed and hopefully looks ok and has no obvious downsides. If it does not, we may need to be re-negotiated with the seller or you might have to come up with a larger down payment, whatever the case we may have to find another home for you.

14 Your loan documents are now ready to be signed and there will be additional paperwork from escrow to sign, such as dangerous disclosures. We live in a place where rains are common, there are sometimes even massive rains and even floods. You might be close to a prison or perhaps an airport. These things are dangerous, we all live with them. When you go to sign all documents on this, please bring your cashiers check the balance of the deposit. Before you do, I’ll give you an estimated closing statement so you know how much to bring. There will be a surplus, which means the receiver will require some more, just in case. We do not want to delay closing escrow because they are a few pounds short (maybe they needed to overnight a package twice).

15 Time for us to make a final inspection of the house. We want to make sure that everything that needed to be taken care of, which was done. We will make a final appointment through together.

16 Now you’ll get to your appointment with the park sign your lease, read and sign park rules and regulations and pay your rent and deposit space. It takes about 1 ½ hours. If not in the middle of the month, escrow prorated rent space. Parks do not take partial payment, full only. The deposit is refundable after paying your rent space on time for 12 consecutive months. You can then, in writing, ask for it back.

17 The loan was funded, the money was received by escrow, each piece of paper has been signed by all parties and escrow is now closed. CONGRATULATIONS! YOU ARE NOW homeowner.

18 I will give you your final closing statement from escrow and perhaps as a check, with the keys to the house to start moving. TIME TO GET IN!

Again, congratulations. Let me know when the movers came, I want you to order take-out and drink, you’ll be too busy and besides, who has time to cook while moving ….

caravan inside