How to organise an effective picnic for your social club buddies

great summer picnic
By the sea

picnic near water
Benefits: Family, kids will love to eat and dip their feet in the water. Couples in the evening, it’s very romantic to eat while watching the sunset.
Cons: On the beach, shady corner point, think about sunscreen and umbrella! If wind blows, the sand can interfere with your meal. You can imagine that it’s not nice to bite a grain of sand eating your salad. On a pebble beach, no worries sand flying but think it is not very nice to sit there. Think cushions, air mattresses, for example.

In the mountains

Advantages: In contact with nature is peaceful, quiet and beautiful. This is a real moment of relaxation to share.
Disadvantages: You must love hiking! Attention also to insects attracted by food. Be sure to pack and take a medicine kit with you.

In the forest

forest picnic
Advantages: For those where the mountain is miles or do not like the climb, the forest is a good compromise!
Disadvantages: If it’s hot and heavy, the forest can be a stuffy place. It is also a place where the insects are kings.

In the countryside

Advantages: The campaign is the perfect place to meet in peace. Near a river (to refresh) in a field, in a meadow, places abound.
Disadvantages: Be careful where you sit. Check that you have the right and especially pay attention to small snakes, especially if you have children!

In your garden

In case you can not go, why not take a picnic in your garden or patio? It’s a different way to get your friends and family.

Advantages: At least the heads in the air will not have to stress to have forgotten anything! But all the same, make sure you do not have to return home. It would lose all the charm of a picnic.
Cons: It’s safe, it’s not something very exotic, but when you have no choice …
After some Internet research, I found a nice website that will help you discover the right places that are near you. Visit:

The equipment of picnicker perfect!

Tips for a picnic organized and original

I advise you to take two different storage: one for cutlery, napkins, tablecloth … and the other for all the food.

To keep them fresh food

There are many types of ice: the rigid, flexible and isothermal bag. The best is the rigid cooler because it keeps very well the cold. However, it is less convenient to use unlike the soft cooler, easier to carry.

Open the cooler very little time and very quickly for the cooler keeps the cold as long as possible. Place it also sheltered from the sun. For a full day, plan 3-4 ice packs.

The isothermal bag suitable for short picnics. Do not go with a whole day, it does not retain well enough food.

So choose your cooler depending on the picnic that you organize.

Keep them cold drinks

You can drag your drinks in your cooler or invest in a thermos. You can also, to be sure to have a good fresh water, fill small bottles 3/4, place them in the freezer overnight and into the basket the next morning. Water will remain very cool all day.

Remove dishes

You can choose between the chic wicker trunk with compartments to put forks, knives, plates … Very British! Otherwise, a simple beach bag or backpack under a hike will do nicely.

It should not be forgotten!

Tips for a picnic organized and original

A non-exhaustive checklist of things to bring to a picnic. Of course, adapt it to your needs.

Did your cooler (s) with ice packs to put at the last moment
Cutlery: spoons, forks, knives, plates and plastic cups
Salt and pepper to re-season
Can opener, bottle opener and corkscrew
Paper towels or paper towels
A large blanket to sit on the floor
Some cushions for comfort and for a nap
Folding chairs can be useful for older people or those with back problems
Umbrella, essential to the beach
Hat, cap …
Sunscreen and mosquito repellent
A first aid kit: one is never safe from a bobo
A garbage bag to throw your waste. We respect nature!
Plastic wrap or aluminum foil in case you need to pack leftovers
Some outdoor games (balls, jump rope, shovel / bucket, beach rackets, frisbee …) or company for the whole family
A camera to capture the memories
That offer and how much?

Tips for a picnic organized and original

How much?

To be successful a good picnic, should not exceed ideally the number of 6-8 guests. Beyond that, it’s complicated, especially if you plan to take charge of the entire organization. Otherwise, a single slogan: delegate! Assign each mission: one takes care to bring drinks, the other to make pies and other desserts … It will relieve you.

For drinks: allow about 1/2 liter of water per person. I advise you to bring wine or very little (From rosé preferred). Sun and alcohol do not mix. This prevents sacred headaches. Think fruit juices or prepare lemonade for your children.
For a cocktail: No skip the appetizer, make simple snacks, home made or bought: chips, olives, cherry tomatoes, spreads of all kinds, pikes …
For flat: Allow 3-4 different dishes so that everyone can find something to their taste.
For bread: baguette, country bread, focaccia, pita bread, bread … to accompany salads. The amount will vary depending on its use during the meal.
Kits: If you do not want to bother, prepare several ingredients in airtight boxes so that everyone can make his sandwiches kit. Vary in this case sausage products (ham, pancetta, bacon, Grisons meat, bressaola …), vegetables (carrot strips, cherry tomatoes, zucchini slices, diced bell pepper, tomatoes, olives, capers), seeds (pre-crushed hazelnuts, walnuts, pine nuts, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds …) and basic sauces (tapenade, pesto, butter, mayonnaise, mustard …).
For cheese: you will satisfy you only hard cheese (Gruyère, Comté, Cantal, Volume …). Other cheeses could give a foul smell to the remains of the cooler and even flow with heat.
For dessert: Keep it simple with salads of fresh fruit, biscuits home, chocolate pieces of cake cut into squares … Allow 2-3 kinds of delicacies by people.
When preparing?

This will obviously depend on the food! However, in general …

To do the day before:

Pies, quiches, flans
Pâtés, terrines, cold meats (roast beef, roast pork, chicken)
Muffins, cakes
Spring rolls, salads (without seasoning – except)
Pesto, tapenade, various sauces
Cakes, cookies, biscuits, pies, pancakes

To do that morning:

Wraps, sandwiches (Unless they are lined with moist vegetables that can soak the bread)
Fruit salads (for having the freshest fruits)
What to do locally:

Mounting toast
Sandwiches tomato, cucumber … that can soak the bread

My last 5 Tips

1- Post your ice packs (or small bottles of water filled to 3/4 and frozen) at the last moment in your cooler. One cold accumulator is sufficient for 15 liters of volume, however, I tend to put 3 or 4 to ensure freshness.

2. Pay attention to fresh products that may be sensitive to heat, such as eggs, butter, sour cream, mayonnaise, yogurt, meat … especially if you count from one day. Allow plenty of ice packs (see tip # 1)

3- prefer dishes that are eaten with the fingers to avoid using not always practical paper plates. Or allow preparation that requires the use of a knife. A fork or a spoon should suffice.

4. Season the salad at the last moment. Prepare dressing on the side in a small airtight pot, especially if there are tomatoes or salad. You will avoid cooking them with dressing.

5- Prefer individual versions: Miniature Cake, tarts, muffins. More convenient to carry.

Themed picnic … yes but which one?

Tips for a picnic organized and original

As for a buffet or brunch, it is quite possible to make a picnic on a theme. I offer a few ideas.

Choose a theme based …

… The place where you are …

By the sea: Prepare a picnic around seafood Cook canned fish to make it simple. Mackerel, sardines, tuna, salmon … In rillettes, pie, salad.
In the mountains, enjoy the local produce: pie, pies, sausages, typical cheese, pasta salad … Think you’ll surely made efforts before and you’ll have to redo later. It should not be too heavy a meal that you fall asleep, opt for a meal that gives you enough energy (think starchy foods (pasta, lentils …) to continue hiking.
In the forest, woody scents will make you want to recipe with mushrooms (cake or pie), rabbit bowls, vegetable pies (peas, green beans, carrots …). Finish with cheese and walnut bread.
In the countryside: Submit cold roast pork, beef or chicken. Serve with pickles, country bread and cheese. Bet on the local dessert specialty.
… The moment you want to share …

The Picnic “taste”: And if you leave taste in the wilderness? That same morning, prepare all the delicacies to be enjoyed: madeleines, fruit, biscuits, pancakes, smoothies …
The picnic “breakfast”: Do not book brunch Sunday morning in your living room! Think savory treats (English muffins, sandwiches …) as the sweet treats (brioche, croissants, pancakes …) easy to carry. As for drinks: tea, coffee, hot chocolate kept in thermos and many fresh juice in the cooler.
… The kitchen you want to discover …

Off to Italy: antipasti, breadsticks, pesto, tomatoes, Italian meats. Realize kits bruschetta: Submit breads (such as ciabatta or focaccia) and different toppings each will accommodate to fashion. For dessert, go for fresh fruits: melon, watermelon, nectarine. Prepare them in advance and put them in small plastic boxes.
Road to Greece: Greek salad, feta-spinach brick, tzatziki, pita bread …
Off to Spain: Tapas are a must in Spanish cuisine. Consider also the gazpacho to cool off and finish with mantecados for a typical dessert.
And children?

Tips for a picnic organized and original

Children like to move and explore the area! Allow them a meal they will peck at will. Mini-muffins, mini-tarts are good size. You can also put originality in your preparations by cutting small sandwiches of bread in the form of fish (Top for a picnic at the seaside).

The idea of Bento for large can adapt very well to children. Prepare the little box on the morning of departure by decorating as it should. He will take pleasure in discovering there anything you cooked it.

For dessert, play the colorful and slightly acid: fruit skewers and candy, cookies smarties, the melted caramabar lollipops …

Plan next activities with them: sand castles, blind man’s buff, nature exploration … Think also bring some of their toys.

This is usually the people most excited by the picnic. Offer to help you prepare, it will channel.

For very young children, prepare their small pots, small purées, compotes small. The picnic is a great time to introduce them to new flavors and a new way of eating.

When should I replace my tires?

Male Changing Tire
Checking the condition of your tires once a week is highly recommended. Once a month, check the pressure, the depth of the grooves, observe if they show lateral damage or any other signs of wear. When in doubt, please consult a professional to confirm their ability to roll. If you are driving a mobile home, there are things like checking the tires that you need to concern yourself with every so often. Other important concerns revolve around hygiene and cleaning habits in general.

Six reasons to change tires

Six reasons require change a tire. While in some cases, the tire can be repaired, it must before any repair be careful review by a professional. Alone can confirm that the tire did not suffer internal damage. The dismantling of the envelope is an essential operation to accurately judge the state of the tire.
1. The tire is punctured

Although very resistant and able to endure many shocks, tires can sometimes burst. In the event of a puncture your tire should be examined by a professional. He alone can ensure that its inner casing has not been damaged that make irreparable tire.
Safety tips to follow in case of a flat tire on the road

As a priority, consider your safety and that of your passengers. As much as possible, stop your vehicle at a protected area, away from traffic.
• Set the parking brake.
Turn off your engine and have a speed.
Turn on your hazard lights.
Put on your Reflective safety vest.
Place your regulatory distance warning triangle in front of your vehicle.
Change a flat tire safely
changing the tires
Put on a pair of sturdy gloves.
Have a trash bag in your trunk can be useful if the flat tire is full of mud.
• Make sure you have a board or other solid object to provide a stable support for the jack if loose soil.
• Do not drive too fast with the spare tire: it is perhaps not properly inflated.
Stop at the first gas station to check the pressure of the spare wheel.
• Check the tightness of bolts: screwed badly, they can damage the brake discs and wheel balancing.
2. The legal wear limit is reached

How to regularly check the tire wear? It’s simple. A few tips:

Legal limit

On the upper sides of MICHELIN tires Bibendum shaped markings to indicate the location of the wear indicators. Like small bumps, they are located at the bottom of the main grooves.

When the height of rubber remaining arrives at this mark, the tire has reached the legal wear limit of 1.6 mm. Michelin strongly recommends that you change your tires before they have reached that limit. Beyond that, you put yourself in danger and you are in breach.

Anyway, even with a wear indicator greater than 1.6 mm, there goes your safety adapt your speed and driving style to outdoor conditions, especially on wet roads.

For winter tires Michelin, a snowflake-shaped marking on the tire sidewall indicates the location of a specific wear light winter conditions. Their height is 4 mm.

To maintain optimal traction on snow, braking as motor skills, it is advisable to change its winter tires when the wear indicators are achieved.
3. The tires show signs of aging

Difficult to predict the service life of the tires. It does not depend on their date of manufacture. Tires that have no or little running may show signs of aging. Several factors can affect the life of the tires: weather, storage conditions and use, load, speed, inflation pressure, maintenance, etc. Each of them can significantly alter the expected lifetime. For more information, see our tips for use and safety.
A few minutes of regular care …

For all these reasons, Michelin recommends that all drivers regularly devote a few minutes of attention to tires to detect any sign of aging or wear: deformation or cracks on the tread, the shoulder or flank etc. Excessively old tires lose grip. Therefore, Michelin recommends you to regularly check all your tires, including the spare wheel by a professional mechanic. His review will confirm further service or not.
The test of 5 years … before it’s too late!

After 5 years of use or more tires should be examined by a professional at least once a year. If it is necessary to change them, follow the recommendations of the vehicle manufacturer regarding the replacement of original equipment. As a precaution, any tire not replaced after 10 years of age should be, even if his condition looks good and has not reached the limit of wear. (For the date of manufacture of a tire, see “How to read a tire“).

Once you have taken good care of the tires, you can turn your sight to the internal areas of your caravan. Is it clean enough? If not, you can either spend numerous needless hours cleaning up yourself or you can put your trust in a reliable cleaning company. The choice is yours.

Damaged tire

4. The tire is damaged

A sidewalk, a hole or a blunt object can seriously damage a tire. All punctures, cuts or deformation must be carefully examined by a professional mechanic. He alone will tell you if the tire is repairable. In general, remember that you should never ride with a damaged tire or has run flat without consulting a professional. This is a safety rule because only the teardown inspection by a professional can confirm that the tire did not suffer internal damage.
In which case it is a tire irreparable?

Flat tire on the side flanks
Exposed rods or distorted
Peeling or deformation of the rubber and carcass plies
Damage caused by oil or corrosive substances
Mottling or scratches on the internal surfaces after driving with under-inflated tires
5. The tire abnormal wear

Abnormal wear of the tread - Localized in some places in the center or on the shoulders - is often a sign of a mechanical problem as a lack of parallelism, balancing, suspension or transmission. It can also be the result of improper pressure. At any damage, contact a professional.

To prevent uneven wear, have the parallelism and balancing tires every six months. This will prolong the life of your tires and get a more comfortable ride.
Causes abnormal wear of the tire

Asymmetric wear on one shoulder: lack of parallelism or balancing.
Wear on both shoulders of the tread: under-inflation of the tire.
Wear on the central band: over-inflation of the tire.
6. The tires are not suitable for your vehicle

The optimum performance of your vehicle are obtained with the same type tires on the front and back.
Never climb a radial tire with a tire-ply

It is not advisable to mount on a vehicle radial tires with bias ply tires. However if you should use both, never ride a radial tire and a diagonal on the same axle. Furthermore, the two radial tires must be fitted to the rear. The diagonal will be at the front.

Many opportunities open to you to find the tires for your vehicle. If in doubt, use the selector made available by Michelin. Start your search with the brand of your vehicle. You can also make a selection by size or range of Michelin tires. This selector allows you to determine the most appropriate types of tires for your vehicle. When in doubt, consult a professional or documentation for the automaker.

Leading a social club with confidence


Self-confidence is somehow the quality of the twenty-first century it is used wrongly and through to now define the ability to reflect a certain charisma, sometimes the dredging of chicks in night clubs … But how do we achieve success in this endeavor and more specifically trying to lead a social club group?

If confidence was sesame, the key that allowed you to become aware of your worth, to know you better and in the end to make a social personality that fits you really?

This does not it allow you to improve in your life every day, to relativize the effects of stress and evolve without pressure?

You will understand, self-confidence, is neither more nor less than a judgment, criticism that limits your field of possibilities and your freedom of action.

So how gain self-esteem you may ask …

1. Build self-confidence by relativizing its environment-related pressures
By observing how the interactions of the relational sphere are built you can understand why you sometimes have doubts about your credibility or importance to your interventions.

Take two totally different examples:

You are with friends:
one of your best friends heckling you, lowering front of your usual small circle of acquaintances.

How do you react? Most of the time with humor and without having to feel offended, you send him the ball.

It’s the same with your family. You can certainly say and react to them according to your own personality without having to question the validity of the latter.

Why? Just because you know the social codes of the relational groups that are familiar to you.

You know you agreed not found, so you can make yourself comfortable. The pressure is almost non-existent and you can evolve with your natural reflexes.

In your subconscious, your opinion as valuable as that of your friends or family. You participate in an exchange and not a conflict.

You’re at the office or in the classroom:
you are asked to speak in front of everyone to expose the fruit of your labor.

You hesitate, Bumble and are not at all sure of your reasoning, even if you have done the research and you are recognized as someone effective.

Attract prosperity and success in your life
“Change of life: the guide a step towards happiness,” is an original method that will revolutionize your life and allow you to become the person you secretly dream of being!
This feeling may also be present when your manager you pass a soap. How to react? By answering dryly at the risk of hurting see or crashing and showing his weakness of character?

The situation here is different from where you are in a small and familiar relational circle.

Your confidence is sometimes undermined by the presence of people you do not know (enough) because you do not know how they perceive you and what you give them social value.

How to think in fact that a commander can be at the same level as you?

Your aim to relativize the impact of the doubts that motivate you during daily interactions with your audience, so it’s deconstruct this pressure, this weight on your shoulders.

How? Just starting to realize that it is from your own thinking and not the other.

Self-confidence is built and evolves according to external phenomena.

Ask yourself: do the eyes of others is fundamentally impact my life?

Am I ready (e) to change partners, dress style, so to speak, of thinking and lifestyle to just be better perceived (s) of the people I barely know?

Or do I assert myself and make myself respected, because like everyone else, I keep my freedom to be who I am?

2. Self-confidence is a daily awareness
If I had to define self-confidence in a few words, I would say that it is the absence of doubt when performing a task or action.

I will even go further by adding that being confident, it’s just assume his personality to the outside world.

Take also the example of the people you are charismatic, what is their common, if not the fact always seem to know what they do and why they do it?

You must realize that it is doubting yourself you lose credibility and impact.

Whether in the field of seduction or in the professional world, those who know the most successful are those who dare to open without fear of judgment, those who know no other person has the legitimacy to do their change their way of being.

Asking too many questions is to limit oneself and therefore limit the expression of his confidence.

The fear of failure is not to motivate your choice or reactions.

Failure is part of the learning process and its value is indisputable: knowing and understanding accept mistakes we learn to become more efficient and better able to improve.

3. How to build self-confidence in concrete terms?
Now that you understand that nothing can touch you (because in reality, you will not die of joke because its author has no legitimacy), it’s time to pump up your confidence.

Here are some tips that can help you rebuild an assumed social personality:

Communication improves self confidence:
To feel better in his sneakers, simply grasp the relational interactions in a somewhat different way than usual.

Instead of asking how a person will judge you according to your opinion, ask yourself how it seeks to feel by interacting with you.

Certainly at ease, listened to, respected and important … like you after all!

Keep in mind this logic: people perceive you based on how you send them their own image.

So be polite, cheerful, kind and never hesitate to make contact with new people: there shall ye draw great satisfaction.

Attract prosperity and success in your life
“Change of life: the guide a step towards happiness,” is an original method that will revolutionize your life and allow you to become the person you secretly dream of being!
If this seems logical, we realize that stress often leads to behaviors opposite of a policy promoting the development of interpersonal skills … do not fall into this trap!

It’s the same for your non-verbal communication (body language). Always be open, clear and full in your movements to limit doubt marks.

The look reinforces self-confidence:
Materialistic as it may seem, you can feel better about yourself by adopting a strengthening look (to you) your social value.

If the clothes do not make the man, however, it is recognized that this may be an effective first step in the evolution of your own perception of your personality.

Experiments build confidence:
Being master different areas of expertise can allow you to extend more credit.

It is advisable to multiply the experiences, both sporting and cultural or professional (training for example).

The more you enrich your knowledge, the more you will feel that your intrinsic social value increases, which allow you to be more comfortable at the time to discuss your background.

As you see, confidence is a totally subjective phenomenon whose main power is your own fear the judgment of others.

More you will manage to put the importance of the latter, the more you will feel free to make the choices dictated by your own personality and not the collective consciousness … enough to make a step towards personal development!

Travel with a caravan – essential precautions

traveling with a caravan
Caravans are heavier, wider, longer, and therefore less reactive, such coupling requires specific reflexes and a keen sense of anticipation. Overview.

Permits and training

If you are towing your own caravan, rules remain unchanged, the effective reform in January 2013 has made some changes on driver training and license categories. They are:

• Permit B is sufficient to pull, using a car, a trailer or semi-trailer whose total vehicle weight (GVW) does not exceed 750 kg.

• The B96 training is required when the sum of the gross weight (vehicle + trailer) exceeds 3 500 kg but not exceeding 4250 kg (see below). This learning takes seven hours and is organized in two stages on a single day: a sequence of non-circulation (HC) and another outstanding (CIR). The first, lasting four hours, combines theory and practice. The second, lasting three hours, allow to become familiar with the specifics related to the conduct of the type of hitch concerned. As part of this training, there is no examination, no control or medical. Between 250 and 300 euros.

• The license BE is mandatory when the sum of the gross weight exceeds 4250 kg this in the limit of 7000 kg permissible gross train weight (GCW).

The reflex to adopt

mobile home

Tow a caravan or trailer requires a minimum of experience because the very nature of a team changes the rules, the laws of physics require:

• Before leaving

– Take time to browse a few kilometers, if you have not made travel with a caravan for a long time. This will allow you to find the sensations and reflexes to own this type of conduct.

– Check the condition of the coupling, particularly in terms of the suspension, mirrors and lighting.

– Pay special attention to the tires. Because during a long period of parking, they tend to become oval. Replace them at least once every six years, even if they appear intact in appearance. Failing recommendation builder, inflate to 2.5 bar if it is of standard models, or 3 bars if it is reinforced models. Also, if you drive very busy, which is often the case for caravanning enthusiasts, increase the pressure of 0.5 bar.

– Reasonably Load your caravan. Although the layout of your model encourages squeeze in a lot of business. Whether at the arrow (the hitch ball) or the rear, too much weight can cause imbalance.

• on the road

– Control your speed and drive evenly. If PTAR the towing vehicle exceeds 3.5 tonnes, the maximum speed is 90 km / h on highway and 80 km / h on other roads. Above all, do not give in to the temptation to go faster downhill, including undertaking exceeded, exposing you to the risk of “lace-up” (see below).

• Maintain strict safety distances. It is mathematically more a vehicle is heavier, the distance required to stop is important. It is therefore strongly advised to slow down earlier than a simple car and anticipate looking away.

• Pass with caution. This precaution is especially true when it comes to double trucks. The air movement that follows may indeed unbalance your team. Therefore the speed to be achieved in such a case should not be much higher than that of the truck. Also make sure that the space between your heavy weight is more than enough.

• Avoid city centers. The dimensions that characterize your team are not consistent with the policies in urban areas. Whenever possible, drive on the main roads.

The “lace-up” bane caravan

This is the point at which the caravan starts oscillating and swerving, these movements are amplified up overturning. This can have several causes: a strong side wind, a sudden movement of air in the vicinity of a truck, a sudden change in the trajectory, and poor understanding of the situation (particular sensitivity to the coating, elongated stopping distance etc.) or poor balancing of the coupling. Good to know: a specific signaling is present at the top of some raids intended to alert you to the risk.

What the rules of the road

• A spacing of 50 meters is required between two vehicles of 3.5 tonnes or combinations of vehicles longer than 7 meters long according to the same speed (art. R412-12 of the Highway Code). Contravening this rule is liable to a violation of the fourth class (see our leaflet “The violations classes”), or a license suspension of three years.

• When the driver of a vehicle said slow (can not drive faster than 60 km / h on a portion of given route) runs on a track for his use, he has the option to take the path immediately to temporarily left to pass a vehicle (art. R422-1).

• Exceeding the third lane from the left, when it exists, is closed to vehicles with a GVWR greater than 3.5 tonnes or length, greater than 7 meters (Art. 412-25). Violate this rule is liable to a contravention of the second class (see our leaflet “The classes of tickets”).

What about insurance?

Once the weight of your trailer exceeds 750 kg a dedicated insurance is mandatory. Otherwise, contact your insurer to determine if your auto policy also covers the caravan. It may offer you special arrangements.

Social club games

social gathering

When you consider the prospect of having a couple dozen people gathered in a single, most likely closed space, you have to begin wrapping your mind around activities through which to keep those people entertained. Some social clubs have a specific agenda they need to go through before moving on to leisure activities. Despite what the specific organisation is at your club, more often than not, a point in time comes when all will be having a great deal of fun. When the time arrives, you better be prepared. Some facilities allow for a diverse entertainment environment, when others are somewhat more restrictive. This article will delve deeper into various possibilities for entertainment in a social club environment. We will mainly look at different types of games and activities, how to best implement them as well as a number of suggestions how to improve the experience.




Having in mind the rather unpleasant weather conditions throughout most of the year, it stands to reason the vast majority of time (as well as activities) will be spent indoors. On the bright side of things, at least tea and coffee will be available all the time. Despite not being on the outside, indoor games can still be challenging and even exhaustive physically. So if one is looking to burn some extra calories, that will very much be possible. Without further ado, let’s move on to the games and activities themselves.


Table tennis


Loved by many, this game requires skill and agility in order to master. Not to mention how exhaustive it can really be. Regardless both games being ‘tennis’, table tennis and court tennis have little in common. Both require to send the ball in opponent’s side without him/her being able to successfully return it back. That would be the gist of it and basically where all similarities end. Court tennis relies on running to different parts of the pitch for better tactical positioning through anticipation of opponent’s actions. In addition, there are areas of the pitch considered invalid, whereas table tennis allows you to hit every part of opponent’s part of the table and still score a point. Overall, a great activity for both young and old, male or female.



playing pool

While billiards or ‘pool’ is largely available in bars, malls and other leisure time venues, it is also found in private villas and mansions. Therefore, it stands to reason that a social club can host a table or two without much problem. The benefits this entertainment activity offers are too many to list here but we will outline a few just the same. For one thing, this is a fairly easy one as far as the use of the body is concerned. It can be played by all age groups, virtually and most of all, it’s fun. There are also plenty of different billiards games one can choose from – 8 ball, 9 ball just to mention a few. A pool table does not take too much space in a room too. It can comfortably be fit into a normal size apartment room and there still will be enough space for other things as well.



playing darts

Fairly popular indoor game as well. Available at like-real form with sharp darts thrown at a wooden board as well as a more superficial electronic format allowing for plastic darts to be used as well. To each his own as they say and the only real consideration one might have here would go to safety. If small children attend those gatherings at times as well, then it might be good to go for the electronic one, just to be on the safe side. At the same time, if budget constraints do not allow for such purchase, the wooden ones are fairly inexpensive.


Card games


Who does not like card games? They are fun to play, could easily take up the whole game and can be enjoyed by everyone. Most popular card games are bridge, solitare, black jack, thirty one and go fish. Harmless, easy and enjoyable. Nearly the perfect combination for both younger and older audiences. Not to mention completely inexpensive.


Computer games


If you are trying to engage younger audience, it might just be better to allow for several computers to be present at your social club headquarters. No need to even mind the kind of games to be played, the people themselves will have this figured out pretty soon. So as long as computers are connected to one another allowing for LAN play, you have done your job as social club administrator.


Drinking games


This alternative may or may not seem a bit out there, unorthodox to some, but consider the merits before delivering a verdict. First of all, depending on the audience, this could be a non-alcoholic competition. The prospects of that are far from great and the desired (fun) effect may fade into the background but technically, orange juice could still do the trick. Alternatively, one can opt for moderation in this practice allowing for mild alcoholic beverages to take part in the contest. For instance, tea with rum 2 to 1 in favour of tea could make for an excellent drink in case you don’t want your guests to roll on the floor after half hour of playing.


In case, however that you wish to go full blown shitfaced on this one and have an occasion you wish to celebrate the old fashioned hardcore way, then that is fine, as long as you consider the circumstances. At the very least, you need to have places for people to rest in case they get hammered and also to ensure proper hygiene and cleanliness will be restored on the next day. The best way to do so is to ensure that well in advance, you have booked some affordable end of tenancy cleaning which is thorough and detailed enough to tackle the mess after such function. It will save some money too and you have a guarantee for quality as opposed to normal one-off quick cleanings.



If weather allows for it and you have all necessary means to organise this, outdoor activities can be great fun. Make sure to observe health and safety regulations with everything you organise for large groups of people.



playing paintball

One of the most popular ways to have fun in groups outdoor is to play some paintball. This military simulation can be very exciting if you have a physically active group of people. All necessary precautions need to be take, especially protective masks and uniforms. This particular activity is connected to some side expenses as well so take those into account before deciding whether to go ahead with this.


Team building style


If you have been on one of those corporate team buildings, then you know what this section will be all about. For instance, you can divide your group into a few different teams. Each team will be competing against the others on a chain of challenges. Teams could be required to draw a team flag on a piece of paper for limited time. Or to run in corridor towards a designated area and throw darts for highest possible score. Time and overall score will determine the winner. Another game could feature people being tied with lases onto each other and run in pairs while competing with others. These and the like could provide a great deal of entertainment and help toward building a social spirit and cooperation.




We sincerely hope you found something useful in this article and will do your best to implement whatever you decided on being most suitable for your social club. Keep visiting this web page for more interesting facts and articles concerning social clubs as well as mobile homes. We will post regular updates regarding these topics as well as some more useful related information.

How to restoring a caravan Sterckeman

1) Let us put the story:

That’s it! After more than 30 years of camping, it’s decided, my wife and I want to try caravanning. For lots of reason: A little more comfort especially for the latest 6 months, the ability to quickly bivouac at night without a 2:00 pitch the tent, and then just for a change.

We are looking through all the usual channels: ads, acquaintances, both internet. We wanted to have a child’s room to sleep and small to continue the quiet evening. This therefore excluded caravans side dinette because it transforms itself into too small a space for two adults.

We end up finding on the Bordeaux region a caravan that suits us at a price that suits us well. Money is always the name of the game!

This is probably our first mistake: Having bought away from home. Especially for a first trailer. I had traveled the forums, looked for information to try to avoid a bad purchase. But nothing beats experience and habit.

So we‘re off to Bordeaux, with the idea of ​​buying the trailer and go directly on holiday with. Second mistake: always take the time to test that surprises appear.

The meeting with the seller happens could not be better. The caravan is in good condition outside, inside the frame is healthy, no corrosion. I was shown a few flaws: a closet door was repaired, a small track up the lining, tinkering what. The walls ring mat, seals were redone with putty. Everything looks in order.

The sale is concluded. I splint, system stabilizers, and it’s off to the Massif Central, supposed place of our holiday. Children await us at the grandparents, we will take them along the way.

After 100 km of highway, the night comes and I stop. A little more tension on the blade stabs further facilitate driving. These stabilizers are a sacred invention! Well aimed, they almost make you forget the caravan behind the car. All is well. Not for long!

To me for a few hours I lay on the lower bunk room, and … I found myself on the ground. This is the beginning of a nightmare! fixing the sleeper is detached from the wall. I try to reattach course, but the screws rotate in a vacuum. Probing beneath the siding, I makes me the obvious: the wood inside the walls turned into tow! and it is the same on both sides! On the surface, nothing is visible, but the walls do not have any strength. Later, after démotnage, the damage will appear in all their magnitude:

Frantic, I called the seller, ready to bring back his trailer. Surprised, he asked me details about what happened. I have no reason to suspect his sincerity, because I myself inspected the caravan without noticing anything suspicious. He finally offered me a deal on the price, as it has of course not want to take a caravan that will dare to sell what I taught him. I do not really have any other choice but to accept.

We leave the next morning while driving cautiously, not knowing what has attended us. The trip to the Massif Central passes uneventfully until we reach the mountain roads.

A few tens of kilometers of our interim destination, we just hear a donkey after a big “Craaaaaacccccc” a look in the mirror gives me on the scale of the disaster: The front of the box was torn off the frame, the front trunk is broken in two, and the caravan swings like the mouth of a crocodile, letting us see the bunks collapsed intermittently.

This can happen in the head of the unfortunate holidaymaker at that time? Well … NOTHING! Not even the urge to set fire to this disastrous purchase. Too bad surprises in no time, fatigue 400Km driving the eye in the mirrors the mind does not respond, emotional either.

I pick up the pieces, I attach what I can with bungee cords so as not to play more Tom Thumb, and we leave at 10 - 15 km. / Hr The last 40km are a nightmare, the caravan seems to disintegrate each turn. Finally, I arrive at my parents. I must leave the caravan on the edge of the road, because the pathname is steep, and I fear that my car can not slow down or maneuver sufficiently to place the remains of the caravan in the correct position.

before repairWhat we learned today: The holidays are damned!

I pass over the disappointment of children, the head of my parents, the wife who does not know where to turn, and I refuse to consider anything before a good night’s sleep.

It must be said that until the I have not really thought about taking pictures of our troubles, hence the lengthy explanation.

The next morning rested but still desperate, we must manage priorities. A neighboring farmer down the caravan up with my parents, and maneuver for the best position. He was impressed by the state of the caravan. He never saw that. Me neither, and for good reason.

2) How far does gangrene go?

We ended up taking the absolutely unreasonable to try to save the patient decision, even though the case seems a little desperate.

The caravan in place, it must stall for working below. The work area is rather “rustic”. The songs in the front box was stored away in the barn. As seen below, the front was torn off the sides.

You always end up arriving on the healthy parts, even if the bindings gave out. Needless to say, we could recover it. The floor of a caravan, like the walls, is a “laminate” the bottom is in hardboard rot” (my eye!), The top against plated, and in between a wooden frame (here fir ) maintains the expanded polystyrene panels for insulating. In short, this is a very fragile construction.

For strength, it is best to stagger the joints between new and old materials. The top plywood is cut beyond the frames fir.

You can see the black marks that the caravan has been for many years (in my opinion since it was built almost ) water leaks that have gradually rots the wooden structure of the sides and floor . The lining was made ​​of a plastic material. This explains why the damage did not appear visible. Another drawback: waterproof listed on both sides absolutely drying out inside the walls. I also found plenty of waterlogged wood.

All cleats on the front panel are unrecoverable because rotted on the sides. Initially the timber are joined together by metal staples which eventually cause electrolysis of aluminum outside, creating holes. We must therefore find another method of assembly.

In examining the totality of the caravan, I discovered that the back also had leaks. Some woods are changing, but not out of proportion to the damage to the front.

3) Reconstruction:

It starts well on a raid at suppliers of building materials in the area. Less common supplies such as coatings and sealants will be found on Rodez. And here we go!

For the floor, it takes quite thin panels and supporting good overhang. the choice is glued panels tabs (OSB 3 +). This material is not afraid of moisture. Fasteners chassis and jacks are reinforced by poplar. This lightweight, fibrous wood used for roofing slate has several advantages: it hardly kept dry, and does not rust nails or screws.

The insulation will be redone expanded polystyrene and the gaps filled with polyurethane foam.
The panels will be outside surface of 5 mm plywood.

Original small cleats are replaced by cleats double section, and the sleepers are poplar 25mm.

The two pieces curved down the front are also poplar and shaped to fit at best the sheet aluminum. It took a lot of hours just to re-shape at the front, twisted during removal.

All woods are assembled by cadmium plated screws down on edge, so no contact with the sheet, and glued. A general strengthening was obtained by replacing assemblies of small pieces by larger areas of solid wood.

The old lady is getting a makeover by changing the original décor to a trivial (but pretty) wallpaper. That may be a mistake against a more resistant coating, the future will tell. It will have no influence on the strength anyway.

Meanwhile, the rain started to fall continuously. Fortunately, I made ​​sure to completely RE-SEAL caravan with polyurethane sealant. It’s much more effective than silicone sealant assemblies sheet. Indeed, most no drop goes through the roof. By cons, my canvas is pierced, and the water comes in through the gaping hole in the front trunk. Grrrr ….! I have to stop work on the front of the caravan.

So I focus on the back, and am very proud to present the new look of our Sterckeman, a little site I grant you, but younger than the previous chicken foot.

However, a month and a half has passed, and the new school year is fast approaching. So we have to pack up and return to Nice. I return danq few days to finish up the work dried out and show you the beast in a state like new” almost.

4) The caravan II: The Return

In early September, I let the wife and kids in Nice and I take the path of the Massif Central. The car is filled with materials that will certainly be useful to me, and tools that can still be used.” It was on that I need that I did not take, Murphy’s Law requires …

When I get there, the weather is looking good for several days and the site is dry. Good, the mud has never been practical for work. I remove the tarp protection, and … I found the wallpaper off the 2/3. Diagnosis: it dries completely, glue a wallpaper does not adhere at all to the old laminated covering. To solve the problem, a local shop advised me glue flooring. And not very expensive and more. € 20 3 Kg Doubtful, I try. It works, in fact, the paper fits securely. Almost too. To change it, it’ll be a different story, but we is not there yet.

Once the wallpaper is complete, you have to attack the floor. By first removing all remnants of the old. I try to take off one piece for me to use as a template. Of course, purists will say Oh, it has not removed the furniture, he cut around.” And it’s partly true. I left on the kitchen, the dining room and the block boxes under rear bench block. Ares had to smooth the cons below plated with polyester putty.

As side front bathroom were announcing themselves rather complicated I looked for a solution to limit the work, especially the risk of error: Once cut, what is lacking can not be returned! So what?

This allows cutting close to the shower tray, without the need for precision, since the door and bulkhead will cover everything.
I came to realize how much an hour to disassemble a piece of furniture is a time saver in the end, because the cutouts around the frames are really tedious, and require extensive testing before the result is clean and clear. After careful sizing with the same glue for paper, the ground has taken a look presentable, more “human”.

The drawer holding about his runners against plated, I brought Nice metal ball bearing slides. After planing, last dimension, and careful adjustment, the spool working again. It now opens completely, which is convenient for cleaning.

Reassembling the bathroom requires a little more work. Indeed, for no apparent reason it lacks 1.5 cm to the wall supporting the mirror so the door can close. And it’s obviously not new. I decided to make a small change:

It has “enough” to switch a half turn the door and the wall … Well, AC made ​​me mess up a strip of wallpaper, but that’s okay. The amount which supports the hinges of the door is again wider (and in the woods, please!) To fill the space, and the door locks flawlessly. Incidentally, Mrs. appreciate not out of the bathroom directly opposite the front door, opened frequently. A third reason for this change is that I plan to install the Rolls Royce of comfort for the caravan: the cassette toilet (It will be for next year can be, but it is better to plan now) Now original available prevented because of the assembly wheel. The new location of the door frees up space that runs the full width of the bathroom and allows the installation of the door. Smart, right?

Meanwhile I dove into the polyester resin to collect the pieces of the front trunk, reverently picked up on the road by our little mom and Audrie. He has already undergone repairs at its bottom, following shock I guess. But here, it’s the top that was torn off. The pieces are stuck back together, and the whole is lined with glass cloth impregnated with resin: There’s no more classic.

By the way, I wanted to change the colors of the caravan, because the brown and red 80s did not really liked it. The choice fell on a blue lagoon and a yellow gold that are more current and won unanimously in the family. 4 rolls, 200 m paper caulking are needed to define all the features of the caravan!

I do not have much time to admire the end result because I have half an hour to clean everything before a neighbor to come with his tractor up the caravan on the road. So I took my courage in both hands, a mop and the camera, just to have some memories anyway. This is the most frustrating ca in history when at last the galley ends is to abandon the object of so much attention in a hiverneur until next year. Snifff

5) Review of the operation:

Purchase Price: 750 (After arrangement with the seller)
Materials: 600
Spent time: 2 ½ months, 7 days a week, 12 hours a day. I dare not make the total.

It is clear that it is not profitable, I knew that before I started. But that’s not why I started this reconstruction. Who wants to scrap what he has just bought ?? No one, of course. So the only solution was to flatten el problem and change everything we needed.

I console myself by thinking that next year I can take this caravan, and that tinkering is limited to maintenance details or improvement. Finally, this is what we all hope!

6) Two years later:

It has been two years since we use this caravan restored and we can appreciate its interior intelligently laid out.

Work in 2007 included good time. The joints were more reopened, and the caravan is still tight. The structure does not move, either. The only thing I would do differently is that I no longer would put decoratively painted paper. Indeed, variations in temperature experienced by the caravan between summer and winter have shrunk the wallpaper, and it does not very pretty. Paint would have been more appropriate. But there have been sticking to glass cloth on the walls in order to paint them.

We bought a large canopy depth that allows you to use the caravan as room only. A basic chemical toilet (Not a Thetford cassette, unfortunately) found at a garage sale took place in the bathroom.
A microwave grill throne above the gas burners that we do not use because nosu have installed a stove under the awning.

This caravan will not be eternal, but the work provided for the rehabilitation allows us to enjoy a vacation that we would not have if we had decided to scrap it, as common sense suggested to do so.

Like what, this is not always the most cost-effective solutions that pay off over time. A thought …

7) Five years later …

Already in 2012! Our sixth was in the trailer ended with one notable incident, the refrigerator broke down. I’ll have to find something else. I took a vacation to clean the brake pads, which were not even worn, just ice. The shock shaft is dead too, and when we drive, the caravan balance. It’s not pleasant for the occupants of the car. A change so …

If I look at the work done in 2007, they did not move. The intakes were not reopened, the caravan is dry. She now spends 11 months of the year covered shed, which also explains the good condition of the renovated shell. Painted paper in a caravan is definitely banned. With two devils 10 and 6 years coming and going, it is impossible to keep clean. Now that the kids are grown, the trailer seems to have shrunk. I think the time is coming and it will change it to a larger model … when finances permit. One thing is for sure: I will never buy a caravan that sleeps outdoors!
finished work

Important caravan specifications

mobile home


Those are described as habitable land vehicles, intended for temporary or seasonal occupation for leisure use. They must retain permanently mobility means allowing them to move by themselves or be moved by pulling the Highway Code does not prohibit them from circulating.


It is perfectly legal to store your caravan on your land or in the garage where your home is located, whether it has retained its means of mobility and can be towed to the next holiday, for your vehicle.
You can also park on land owned by you another three months of the year, whether or not consecutive. In addition, you must obtain permission from the mayor of the municipality.
Finally, it is possible for campsites providing this service, leave your caravan on the campsite where you spent your holiday. In this case, you will pay the delivery caravan park” until your next visit


A new measure of the Highway Code, published quietly in 2008, involves the teams of the following rule: if the Gross Combined Weight (GCW) of the towing car indicated on your registration card, exceeds 3.5 tonnes, you are subjected to new speed limits.

These speed limits are now as follows:

90 km / h on the highway (instead of 110 km / h before)
and 80 km / h on other roads.

Namely: in Europe, restrictions highway speed for vehicles using a trailer or caravan is still higher than in France.



Warning your caravan is not automatically provided by your car insurance or by insurance included in the membership of the FFCC or an Affiliated Club. It is necessary and essential to ensure as caravan. FFCC or consult your usual insurer.
FFCC to better protect your caravan capital subscribed in the direction of its members a special very suitable insurance covering your caravan and its contents. Ask 01 42 72 84 08 All information and documents.

Green card insurance caravan tensile
Article L.211-1.- Any natural or legal person shall, for circulating a land motor vehicle, and its trailers, be covered by insurance guaranteeing civil liability and be able to demonstrate by presenting green card “insurance.


We can not overemphasize remembering that you should never make a raid to increase its speed, especially for double. If the gradient is strong enough, reaching the grade on the report that would be used in reverse. This avoids the danger of setting laces caravan

How to stop a formal lace? Decrease speed, kicking his brakes when the trailer comes in alignment with the tractor. The boards of acceleration rather than deceleration are reserved for experienced pilots. This update yaw may occur in case of overload, under inflated tires, a weight insufficient arrow a caravan too loaded on the back or during strong gales in a raid for example.


These systems prevent primer commissioning yaw handing the caravan in the path of the car. This saves in security and speed “cruise”. These systems do not harm any braking and steering at.

Remarks. Even with these systems, the maximum towing weight of the car must be respected. The hitch balls feature some models antilacets should never be greased on pain of inefficiency.


Normally the caravans are equipped with torsion bars or rubber components and therefore can be run without dampers. Nevertheless, the shock absorbers improve handling and is a safety factor in tension.

For proper handling, weight is recommended to arrow corresponding to 5-7% of GVW.

This weight is reached to the arrow, the other charges are placed as close to the ground to maintain a low center of gravity and preferably about the axis of the axle. Remember, in this case, slightly overinflate tires the towing of 200 to 300 g in order to prevent overheating.
Tip: For security reasons avoid driving with an anti-theft lock arrow because in case of an accident, it may be difficult to unhitch your caravan.


Art R317-23 the Highway Code states that every motor vehicle shall be arranged so as to reduce as far as possible, in case of collision, accident risks injury, both for vehicle occupants and for other road users.
Every motorist must assess, based on the position and shape of the device used, the dangerousness of his vehicle and take appropriate action accordingly.
Some towbars are removable without tools, so they can be removed when the car is not towed. For devices that require tools, it is best not to make disassembly that would result, over time, weaken the team. We must then take the precaution of protecting the ball with anti-shock, up to the shins, the gooseneck or the coupling head can become the source of shocks for adults or children. Disassembly of the ball on a car that does not tow is not mandatory.


If we follow a caravan or truck, within the interval of 50 meters required. Being easily overtaken by a faster vehicle is a rule of courtesy which enhances the image of the caravan.


Night driving a hitch does not require specific quality. However, the fact of the nature of a hitch (difficulties parking in case of breakdown, puncture etc.), it is advisable to limit the nocturnal movements. Better to lose a few hours of vacation to spoil it completely!


The overflow problem often involves heavy vehicles. Indeed, we must be wary of what is called the slap, breath of wind that is felt when overtaking lorries, it is at this point that there is a risk of placing yaw . You have to have a reserve of power, does not go much faster than heavy but to accelerate frankly when we will exceed weight. Wind is the big enemy caravan, think slow if weather conditions require. Be aware that a vehicle towing a caravan should not, on French motorways three-way, use the leftmost lane.


The good behavior of the coupling depends on the loading of the caravan. It does not take too much load or the arrow or the back. Beware about it from the often large storage capacity behind the caravans because overloading the rear can cause the trailer to swerve hitch. You have to load heavy objects on the ground and, if possible, on the axle or nearby. We advise you to measure the loaded weight in your caravan (an example: 75 to 80 kg load for a caravan of 1,300 kg).

How to find the balance between work and leisure



Finding the balance between work and life is not easy for anyone. How to have a fulfilling professional life while having sufficient time to take care of yourself, your surroundings and have fun? Is it possible to achieve personal goals without killing themselves to the task?

Have you been told you should work harder? That would be beneficial to your work or studies?
At the same time, you probably also like to have more free time to have fun and do what you really like.

Is it really an insoluble problem? Are we really condemned to choose between duty and pleasure? How to find a balance between work and leisure?

Rest assured, you are not alone in facing this dilemma. Far from it. This is not a new problem. The writings on the subject in existence since at least until the Greek philosophers of antiquity. But I think it is more relevant than ever.
Today, new technologies have made it possible to work remotely. This has obvious advantages. But it has also helped to make the boundary between private and professional life increasingly blurred. How to realize in early pregnancy for example, when you have to actually stop.

balance work and leisureSince we almost always reachable or we can work all the time. The problem is that if we are constantly working, we end up feeling drained of our energy. Our motivation is diminished and fatigue does not hesitate to show the tip of his nose. And this can happen even when we do an exciting activity. Personally, my work interests me a lot, but that does not stop me from sometimes feeling the need to cut and devote myself to something totally different to clear my head” (and also to avoid dreaming of my clients and the products that I sell at night).

It is therefore important to know sometimes decompress. But, on the other hand, spend most of his time to have fun and do fun activities often means not do anything special. Is to abandon all personal project, any desire for professional development on the altar of immediate pleasure. Of course, at first we enjoy having so much time to spend on leisure activities. But after some time, we always end up feeling guilty, regretting the lost time and no longer enjoy their leisure time.

In an ideal world, we could do consistently what makes us happy. This should never any consequences and we would experience never even a hint of guilt. But personally, I have yet to find that perfect world (let me know if you get there).

How can we find a balance between work and play that allows us to do many things as possible without incurring loss of energy and motivation? At the same time, how can we really leverage the most of our free time to have fun, to enjoy life without us feel unproductive and lazy?

Step One: To improve the quality of our business

What I mean by that?
Simply select the activities that have a real impact. If they ask you why you do these activities, your response must be immediate. If it does not, there is certainly another activity you could do instead, which would be a better use of your time. What I call an activity better.

I speak of course of our business activities, as well as our leisure. By improving the quality of our leisure, we can derive greater benefits thereof and greater satisfaction. And all this by spending less time!
The essence of this philosophy is to focus on quality over quantity. It’s just picking a few activities in which you immerse yourself totally. We thus derive much more benefit than juggling their a multitude of unsatisfactory work. English speakers often call this “Less is More” and it’s a philosophy that I already mentioned in my summary of The 4-Hour Workweek and The Art of get to the point.

Many of our activities have simply not sufficient impact. Some professional tasks are not really productive. Some recreation give us some relaxation or pleasure. For example, too many people are watching TV shows that do not interest them. Sometimes we hear even complain that “there is nothing interesting on TV” .Pourtant, they look the same. To believe that their model has no on / off button.
Why do they do this?
Simply out of habit. Or because it’s an easy way. Because they did not want to work, and because they have no activity they really enjoy for their free time.

By asking real questions like “Is what I’m doing is really important? What results can I expect from this activity? “We can free themselves from these time wasters. Therefore, we can use this time for activities that you really enjoy, that are really productive, or both
Not by doing so, this will allow you to have more time for leisure, but in addition you will also be more effective in your professional life! It is not life grand?

Second step: learning to manage her energy level

Have time to complete a task, it’s nice. It is even necessary. But it is not always enough! Some tasks require a lot of concentration and energy. And usually, these tasks are also the most enjoyable and productive.

To increase your energy level, you have to start with a balanced diet (fruits, vegetables, fish, white meat, cereals … completes). Remember that food is your fuel. If the fuel you put in the tank is bad, no wonder you have trouble moving.
Practice regular exercise also helps to have a more constant level throughout the day and increase energy it.
Of course, it is also important to monitor your sleep and make sure you do not sleep neither too much nor too little.

a helping handOnce we managed to increase energy levels and make it more consistent, it becomes much easier to focus on important tasks instead of wasting time.

It is very important to manage your energy levels as part of the work. Like everyone else, when I work on a difficult subject contretemps, I ended up feeling the need to take a break. Many people I know take the opportunity to surf the internet, do a loner, check their email, chat
Please do not do it especially! Yes, I know, you need a break and it would be against-productive to continue to work in your state. I do not disagree. But if you take a break, take a real break! When I feel the need to recharge my batteries, I walk away from my computer. Sometimes I go to the fountain for a drink of fresh water. Often, I want to get out of the office, take the air for 5 minutes and walk a little. You can also take the opportunity to eat a fruit (so you maintain at the same time your energy level-)).

Make a real break retrieves energy and to clear the mind. Thus, you are again able to work at 100% of your ability. However, if you take a break while surfing the web, or watching your emails, you do not rest. Instead, you simply waste time. often you concentrate and your 5 minute break turns into break for half an hour.

By working smarter, taking real breaks when you need them instead of mere distractions, it’s easy to reduce the total time you spend working. This, quite simply, because then you’ll really be able to work when you need it. So you increase the time available for mechanically leisure.

How to create an association or social club

social club
Want to start a badminton club, support groups, an independent social club or build a support center for people? Why not create an association? This is a noble undertaking. Not an easy one though. One needs to consider a variety of difficulties before going ahead with this. Although this article will not delve deep into the merits of offline vs. online social gatherings, one needs to be mindful of the fact that social media poses great threat over social clubs and associations generally requiring its members to gather on the same physical space. It is still possible to achieve so no need for despair.

Here’s a short guide how to accomplish that.

Who can create an association?

Everyone, provided they are at least two and be of age. Some people are still deemed unfit to manage an association of public officials subject to certain exceptions, persons deprived of their civil rights, or disqualified from running a corporation. Those restrictions in some countries apply to convicts, mentally unbalanced people or people hospitalised for conditions known to greatly affect sound judgement and perception of the surrounding world.


1 Determine the status of the association. To declare an association, we must define the status. This is called the partnership agreement. It is established freely even if subject to some constraints. For example, the reason for the association, the exact name and address of the registered office must appear.

2. validate the contract of association by a constituent assembly in the presence of the founding members. Leaders are appointed. The terms of their election or the competence and scheduling general meetings therein. This meeting is subject to the minutes required to complete the memorandum of the association.

3 Declare the association using an online form, which must be returned to the prefecture or sub-prefecture of the head office of the association. Once the return is registered and published in the Official Journal by the prefecture, the association has a legal capacity.

How much does that cost?

Publication in the official newspaper has varying costs in different countries. Research more thoroughly what is the situation in your specific country.

Online management. Once registered, the association can streamline processes by creating an account on the government website.

social gatheringThe difficulty was rather in determining the status: There was considerable discussion on our upstream specific purpose or membership requirements. The burden here typically is on the leaders and creators of the association/social club. They are the ones to set certain boundaries, what is allowed, what is not. There are dire consequences to these choices, some structural, others financial, etc.

With growing popularity of social networks, we can easily state that social clubs and associations resembling the latter are in deep crisis. It is up to them and their current and future leaders to find a way to incorporate those ideals and structure to include more of the internet because it seems this is the direction younger society seems to be going towards. If social clubs wish to remain in existence, they too, must adapt to the changes and demonstrate higher flexibility or perish forever.

10 questions for a communication strategy in social media

social media
Socializing with others is getting more and more complicated in time. Technology has a huge play here and influences the way we commune with one another. According to some, social clubs are becoming obsolete and being replaced by online social media. In order to get a better understanding what social media is and how to approach it effectively, one needs to ask a number of important questions. Especially if you run a business and wish to go through the social media rather than attract your audience the old fashioned way. Through the answers and through diligent comparison, one can determine whether the social clubs should be no more and to be replaced by online counterparts. Social media is now essential to communicate effectively. However, it is important to conduct a thoughtful social media strategy. For this, a thorough analysis and regular is mandatory. Here are 10 questions to be asked about strategy of communication through social media.

In each social media, we can observe that most people do not really have a strategy. Unfortunately, it is not enough to create an account on a social network to achieve significant results. To communicate effectively through social media, it is essential to develop a strategy.

Once the Social Media strategy defined and implemented, it does not stop there. Internet is constantly evolving. Behavior, the needs of users and consumers as well. It is important to regularly review strategy and to ask the right questions to ensure the relevance of actions.

These 10 questions will help you first to ensure the effectiveness of your communication on social media. They also allow you to optimize the allocation of budgets. Your investment in Facebook may or may not be justified? What are the benefits? Conversely, you are investing very little in Twitter but returns are exceptional? Redistribution may be worth considering. Analyzing strategy is an opportunity to step back and draw the right conclusions.

Social Media Strategy and Organization

The Social Media communication is everyone’s business. It applies to all members of a structure. Here are 3 questions to ask:
The objectives of my Social Media communication they match my overall goals?

Keep in mind the fact that social media are just additional tools to achieve its goals: to develop its sales, gain market share, find a new job or just simply find new friends and have more or less meaningful social internet life.

It is important to identify targets for Social Media communication in connection with overall objectives. Want to win market share? For this you need to reach new targets! Social media can help you. Want to change your job? You must gain visibility! Social media can help you.

This question should help you determine how social media can help you in achieving your overall goal.


Contacting media communication affects all members of an organization, a business. Not only the marketing and communications department. Trade must be present on social media for prospecting, human resources for the employer brand.

Do I have a strategy for each player?

Social Media communication affects everyone, yes. But no matter how. You must ensure that each carries an appropriate strategy. Commercial they have a prospecting strategy? What is the strategy of human resources to develop the employer brand of the company on social media?

This question is to you to make sure that everyone in your organization understands the importance of its role in your Social Media communication and it adheres to the strategy assigned to it.

Social Media Strategy and Impact

Setting targets is good but it is important to measure advancements, to study the impact of your communication Social Media to optimize its strategy as necessary.
Did I determine performance indicators for each of my goals?

To measure the progress of a goal and the impact of your Social Media strategy, you need to determine points to analyze performance indicators (KPIs) that allow you to analyze the specific impact of your actions.
Do I have an accurate method to analyze my performance indicators?

It is not enough to determine performance indicators to effectively measure its communication strategy Social Media. It should also be analyzed appropriately. For this, you need to work dashboards, reportings, publish regularly. Once a day? A week or a month? To you to determine.

These two questions should allow you to list the points to be used to verify the relevance of your communication strategy Social Media. They confirm that you fully analyze your performance indicators and your reporting and summaries are sufficiently clear and precise to optimize your actions.

How do I stand compared to the competition?

social clubsMeasure the results of their actions does not mean they are good. They must be compared. Put them in touch with the market and competition: size of community, commitment rates, online reputation and others.

This question should allow you to better position yourself in the market, know your strengths but also your weaknesses. Then you will base your strategy on your strengths and will work points to reduce your weaknesses
Social Media communication strategy, how? Social Media Strategy and Resources

A good strategy is all about resources: budgets, manpower and tools. It is important to have the right resources to carry out its strategy and especially not to overstate its case.

My results are they up to my investments?

Now that you have analyzed the fallen of your actions, you need to compare your investments, measure your ROI (Return on Investment). This question is crucial. It will help you determine the proper use of your resources and you may suggest a new allocation.

This question should allow you to determine the most effective tools and reallocate your budget depending on the relevance of your actions.
My actions are compatible?

One of the most common mistakes in Social Media communication is to use all available levers. This is not the solution. Wanting to be present on all social networks, it disperses. We’re wasting time and especially money. It is better to have a large community and committed on a single media minimal on each platform

This question is to you to ensure that the different levers that you use are in harmony, that your tools are a fluid and relevant ecosystem.

Social Media and Audience Strategy
Do I know my target?

The question might seem silly. Ask yourself anyway, this is paramount. Know your target on the fingertips. Nothing should escape: as it consumes, how it navigates on the internet which platforms she attended, what are their needs, expectations and desires?

This question will help you determine the precise content to be posted on social media. We’re talking about Inbound Marketing.
In conclusion,
My actions are sufficient?

You have analyzed the impact of your actions, you are assured that you were up to your investments. But is that enough? Internet goes fast, the competition also. Do not sit on your laurels. You can always do more, anticipating the reactions of your competition and changes in behavior. A communication strategy Social Media is also a constant questioning. Additionally, make sure you think long and hard about still keeping true to the old ways and go through social clubs to engage your potential target audience.